Hi! I'm Joanna,

I am an end-to-end UX/UI Designer
who loves elevating digital products through impactful data visualisation.

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The process I use

My favourite projects

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The WebApp with utility solutions of tomorrow

Enhancing the utility's offering and management with clever WebApp design.
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Electricity Mastery: behavior management

Unveiling a new era of energy empowerment. A tale from discovery to design.
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The evolution of Exnaton's website with Webflow

A journey from investor-focused to B2B sales focused website.
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Exnaton rebranding journey

A collaborative rebranding process with design agency Atelier Disko.
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Personal Map for Instagram App

Instagram's new feature: save your findings on Personal Map.
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Giver mobile app

"Because we are better together". Connect for help.

About me

I am a passionate end-to-end UX/UI Designer with a special interest in creating impactful data visualisation for digital products that scale. I excel in asking the right questions, in fostering cross-functional collaboration, and in crafting lovable solutions.

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Let's elevate your digital experience together!