Renewing Exnaton branding

Collaboration with design agency Atelier Disko

A collaborative UX Design journey.


In 2022, together with Exnaton's co-founders we ignited discussions on revitalising the company's brand. To infuse a new, impactful identity, we embarked on a collaborative venture with an external design agency Atelier Disko.

Our key objectives were:

  • crafting a captivating color palette
  • selecting a fitting font for our web and marketing materials
  • design modern visuals that authentically portray our company

As the UX Designer leading the charge, I managed the agency collaboration and the task of updating our website to align with the rebranding efforts.

Facilitating effective teamwork

I provided the agency a comprehensive starting package, including visual examples, a UI kit, and insights from our September 2022 team-building exercises. These exercises evolved our brand archetypes, promises, and core pillars, vital as our startup grew and evolved.Precise activity outlines and timelines were established to ensure seamless collaboration.

A pivotal kickoff

Our journey began with a kickoff workshop, introducing Exnaton's essence to the design agency. This deep dive into our requirements sparked inspiration. The challenge arose while picking imagery for the renewable energy sector. Amid industry clichés, fresh, authentic visuals were paramount. The agency meticulously analysed shared content and workshop insights, conducting research to navigate the energy sector's competitive landscape.

Pushing visual boundaries

Innovating within renewable energy imagery was key. To set Exnaton apart, we redefined visual narratives. Our focus on close-ups and proximities distinguished us from competitors' wide-angle shots.

This phase enlightened our brand identity, echoing our human-centric, tech-forward ethos. Beyond images, dynamic patterns symbolising energy flow were introduced.


Our selected visuals set the stage for unifying marketing materials. Successful collaboration yielded a complete branding transformation.

Translating vision online

With collaboration wrapped up, I tackled updating Exnaton’s website. Translating visuals and patterns to the digital realm was a challenge. Zoomed-in imagery provided an engaging visual experience, balancing impact with readability.

A user journey was crafted, intuitively guiding visitors using visuals invoking movement and energy flow.

Lesson learned

In navigating the dynamic landscape of our rebranding journey, I gained valuable insights. Effective collaboration with external agencies hinges on well-defined processes and transparent communication. A robust starting package and consistent check-ins upheld alignment throughout the journey.

My design journey through Exnaton's rebrand equipped me with lessons spanning collaboration, brand alignment, digital adaptation, user-centricity, leadership, and storytelling. These insights ensure my future designs consistently deliver impactful, user-centred experiences.

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