Enabling energy providers to thrive in the energy transition

As an end-to-end UX/UI Designer I redesigned a digital B2B product for energy companies, ensuring  the future readiness of their offering amidst energy production democratisation.

Redesigning the WebApp for direct customers


Together with a product manager and four engineers, we turned an early MVP into a powerful digital product.

Our goals:

  • Simplify complicated energy, financial, and data tasks for enhanced clarity and usability.
  • Provide the energy provider a simple overview to manage its various offerings.
  • Improve user acquisition and product stickiness.

Our challenges:

  • Create a scalable product that can evolve in sync with the expanding business needs in the dynamic energy sector turning present intricate energy and financial data in a coherent, user-friendly manner.
  • Design the product as a white-label solution, harmonising with customers' corporate identities while maintaining a unified overall appearance.

My role:

  • UX and UI design.
  • Collaboration with product manager, developers and marketing team.
  • High-definition designs refined with developers, ready for deployment, monitoring and testing of the implemented designs.


Information Architecture

UI Design

Electronic pdf invoice

Rate plan

Uploading pdfs

Registration for an energy community

My lesson learned

I loved this product design experience, also, for the lessons I take away from it:

  • Collaborating with engineers from the start of the design process, not only from refinement sessions, helps optimise design and reduces design iterations and time spent.
  • Crafting information architecture is both an art and a science. Balancing hierarchy and engagement is key to crafting a user-friendly experience. It's not just about placement but guiding users seamlessly through their journey.
  • Not only technology but whole industries evolve, rapidly. Working with a beginners mind and the ability to to evolve and iterate showcases the resilience of a UX/UI Designer.

Let's elevate your digital experience together!