About me

I have always been intrigued with people and keen to use my empathetic nature to discover their many stories, defining traits and needs. Public affairs, the field that I had been working in first, is rich in many stakeholders and the need to get them to work together. I loved it, yet after more than 10 years, I urged for a role that enables me to create and shape more. To turn problems and needs into powerful, digital experiences. UX Design thus felt like the natural choice for me and during my hands-on education at the DesignLab I was glad to see how many of my skills and talents from my previous career came in handy:

  • Being empathetic helps me distill users and stakeholders pains and gains.
  • Being structured and organized helps me move smoothly through the Design Thinking process.
  • My experience in other sectors enabled me to look at problems from other perspectives and emerge with solutions.

I can’t wait to cooperate on a common project with you!